Selecting the Better Web Development Tool: ReactJS Vs AngularJS

Choosing the correct development framework reflects on the long-term success and scalability of the project. If you are in confusion about selecting the better web development tool – whether to go with React JS or Angular JS, then you are at the right place.

Angular JS and React JS

Google is managing Angular JS and has been in the market for quite a decent time. Whereas, React JS is not that old in the market and Facebook owns it. Both the frameworks are robust and make the life of mobile and web application developers easy, also being the cutting-edge technologies.

JavaScript framework continuously updates the different versions of Angular and React JS.

Hence, we can say that both are equally efficient except a few differences.

By considering these facts we have decided to share the benefits and drawbacks of these frameworks to help you out in determining which one is the best for your development process.

Benefits of Angular JS

> The latest features by AngularJS offers enhancements like RXJS, instant compilation done in as low as 3 seconds and the benefits of newly launched HttpClient are extremely useful.

> It ensures effective communication through detailed documentation between the developers

> Minimizes errors through the two-way data binding process

> Developers can work separately on a single app with the help of MVVM (Model View – View Model)

> Rapid prototyping is a buzzword; complete credit goes to the reality of frameworks like Angular

Drawbacks of Angular JS

> In many scenarios, though your devices have access to your server their support for JavaScript is disabled. The associated users will be unable to way in your web apps which turns AngularJS based web properties to be less functional

> AngularJS has migration issues which appear while moving from the older to the newer version

> Directives are complicated to utilize too. Adding together, many functionalities and features such as dependency injections and factories are challenging for the conventional developers

> Getting adapted to the framework and learning it is somewhat difficult

Nevertheless, professional AngularJS Development Companies can develop and maintain the client apps flawlessly.

Benefits of React JS

> Unlike Angular JS, ReactJS is easy to learn and because of the simplified syntax, it enables developers to write the code effortlessly. It is responsive and flexible too.

> Managing documents in HTML, XHTML or XML becomes straightforward through Virtual Document Object Model (DOM). These are flawlessly accepted by the web browsers while analyzing various elements of the web app.

> ReactJS combined with ES6/7 works with heavy loads with relative relieve.

> Downward data binding ensures easy data flow without affecting the parent data.

> Quick updates and solutions because of the highly efficient JavaScript library and the community contribution helps developers.

> Lightweight ensures smooth performance on the user-end which is of great assistance.

> Easy migration to the latest version makes life simpler.

Drawbacks of React JS

> The fast development process leaves no scope for official documentation, hence, making the process chaotic as developers contribute based on their understanding.

> Framework demands thorough knowledge to integrate the user interface into the MVC framework which sometimes is tough to handle

> ReactJS uses JSX to mix HTML with JavaScript. However, developers often complain about JSX’s complications and resultant unreasonable learning curve when dealing with it in a project

Key Takeaways

Modern day developers who are proficient in multiple technologies don’t see much difference in either of these frameworks. It is just the matter of expertise.

If you are looking for ReactJS Development Company or development in AngularJS framework, then Logistic Infotech is just a phone call away.

If you need assistance in deciding on one of these two frameworks, then you can also drop us a line and we will help you in making the precise decision for your project.

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