Angular JS vs. React JS vs. Vue JS: What’s the Best Pick?

According to the comparison made between angular JS, React JS and Vue JS by Google trends last year it shows that angular stands first followed by react JS and Vue JS. JavaScript popularity has grown considerably only after the arrival of Angular 5, React JS and Vue.JS. There is a fine competition between these JavaScript web app development tools.

Even many web development companies are in confusion and debating on which tool should be considered in developing JavaScript web applications. In this article, you will find the complete comparison made between Angular JS, React JS and Vue JS which will help you to know the best one.

Angular JS

Angular JS is an open source client web framework that was launched by Google in 2009. This framework was developed for Angular developers to help them in solving problems related to developing single page applications. The Angular Development Company uses it in their multiple projects. The extensibility feature of Angular JS works well with other libraries and has very large community support.

Why should you use Angular JS?

>  Automatic and easy synchronization of data between the models and components is possible due to the Angular Architecture

> It has an inbuilt injection subsystem for dependency purpose

> The templates of Angular JS are similar to that of HTML. Extended HTML terminologies are added to the templates. This will help to carry the information and instructions taking project model into the view

> It is the responsibility of the JavaScript for the overall processing

> The Angular views are as simple as HTML pages

Spot on advantages of Angular JS

> Angular Modular Development

> Data Binding -Angular

React JS

React JS is the open source library of JavaScript. Developers are using it to create awesome user interfaces. The main focus of React JS is on the performances of the interface. In the MVC model of architecture, React JS is most dependent on the view. React JS was developed for React JS development company to solve the problems of the JavaScript framework and make large data set provisions.

Why should you consider React JS for Web Development Applications?

> The React JS components are widely re-usable

> Both side rendering is allowed comprising server side and client side rendering

> Native IOS applications can be written using JS

> Virtual React DOM is updated frequently

> You can create a pure JavaScript template by using the options provided in React JS

> React JS is easy to learn for beginners because of its small API feature

Spot on advantages of React JS

> Components of React JS can be reused

> React Server Side rendering is influential

Vue JS

Vue JS is mostly used to build user interfaces and is a highly progressive framework. The developers can make use of modern technologies while developing these interfaces. The popularity of Vue is increasing because of its better learning curve and scalability. We can use Vue JS in both applications – small or big web based projects.

Advantages of using Vue JS

> Simple to use and focused

> Enhanced components

> Reactivity and Flexibility


It is not a simple task for developers and business owners to choose the right JavaScript tools for developing web applications. However, selecting the precise tool increases the success of any project.

Developers are widely using and practising all the JS frameworks mentioned above. You can select any of the frameworks depending upon the type of project you are developing.

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