Mobile App Development

Now a days, Smartphones are not just communication device, It manage wide variety of daily functions. i.e. Communication, Entertainment, Banking, Social Media, Travelling, eCommerce etc.

Today, about 2 billion people access internet from their mobile device.

Google mobile search increased more than 10 times in the last few years and increasing.

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Get Business
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In nutshell, Smartphones are not luxury, It is necessity. Smartphones have a great potential to build a market for your business.

It is clear that, No business can prosper without a mobile app. So, a demand for mobile apps has escalated in all businesses. To cope with that, We help business to design and develop their mobile app. We offer mobile app development services for iOS and Android Devices.

With our well equipped development center, we provide scalable, robust and easy to implement mobile app development support to our valued clients ranging from Startups, Small and Medium to Large Enterprises.

Our Services for Mobile Apps

Mobile Strategy
Based on different analysis. i.e. Business, Audience, Technical & Business Feasibility Analysis etc, We help business to develop mobile app, which fits into business model and delivers the desired functionality & ROI.

Mobile App Architecture Selection
We guide for selecting right client architecture among “Mobile Web App”, “Native App”, “Hybrid App”. By considering several unique aspects like device, connectivity, variable bandwidth, multi-platform support, user experience, access to device sensors, performance, native look and feel, app search, app distribution, app upgrades, connectivity and development/testing effort, time-to-market, budget, etc.

Mobile App UI/UX Design
We help business to develop stunning mobile app design with efficient User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. Because, today, all popular mobile apps are coherently designed by considering the UI/UX. Mobile apps designed without considering UI/UX results in a failure to attract end-users.

Mobile App Development
Our app developers follow Native, Hybrid and Cross-platform approaches for mobile app development. Each of these approaches has its strengths as well as drawbacks. The implementation approach for a mobile application depends on the cost, time to market, business consideration and anticipated user experience.
In app development, we give more emphasis on building sustainable app through MVP architecture, security, performance, caching and queuing mechanism, usability, data access, connectivity and best coding practices.

Mobile App Testing
Our mobile app testing service ensures the functionality, usability, consistency, performance, security and other important functional and non-functional traits of a mobile app.

Mobile App Integrations
We help business to integrate multiple backend systems, ecommerce platforms, ERP, CRM, Email Services, Messaging Services, Reporting Services, Analytics, CMS, Payment Gateways, Data Feeds, Social Platforms and more with Mobile App.

Mobile App Security
Different apps have different security needs. It depends on the nature of the app, we evaluate appropriate security measures by following best practices to secure mobile devices and the sensitive data contained on them.

Mobile App Analytics And Business Intelligence
We use various free, paid and custom analytics platforms to measure performance, general app health status, app revenue matrix, user engagement and retargeting.

Mobile App Marketing
Along with app development, we assist our clients, especially B2C and B2B applications with efficient app marketing service. We use a data-driven approach to design a marketing strategy and evaluating performance.

Our Mobile App Portfolio


KRID is on demand taxi booking application. You don’t need to wait for bus or taxi. Just send request and find the cab on your location. You can track your car and driver and get accurate location.