Blockchain Development

We are a leading blockchain development company in USA. Logistic Infotech can help businesses of all sizes worldwide with transparent, automated, and efficient versions of their businesses with our wide range of blockchain development services. We are equipped with industry experts to offer our clients feature-packed blockchain development services according to the different needs of our clients.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

We have developed an excellent blockchain development service strategy to help our clients enhance their business operations.

Enterprise Blockchain Development


We can help you build a life-long blockchain solution with our cutting-edge technology.

dApps Development


Logistic Infotech is known for creating decentralized applications; we will guide you through all steps from planning to designing to assistance. We make sure to provide our clients with maximized ROI.

Blockchain Supply Chain Development


We deploy, develop and manage the blockchain supply chain solutions that will benefit our clients in the long-term.

Blockchain Technology Consulting


We are a one-on-one consulting session known for helping businesses with an operational blockchain business network that is democratic, secure, and ahead of the curve.

NFT Marketplace Development


Our experience has allowed us to deliver easy-to-use, feature-rich, and transparent NFT marketplaces with bidding, buying, selling, and minting multi-chain accessible NFTs. We can help businesses to build their very own protocol-specific decentralized NFT marketplaces for organizing the bidding, selling, and trading of digital assets. To solve the issues associated with this process, we can help to develop the cross-chain marketplaces that will facilitate the minting of multi-chain compatible NFTs.

Metaverse Development


With our deep experience in NFTs, Crypto, and blockchain development tools, we provide the Metaverse development services for projects such as for NFT marketplaces, 3D gaming, and social media.

Cryptocurrency Exchange


Choosing us as your blockchain app development company will provide you with immutable, secure, and easy-to-use exchange platforms with real-time trading systems.

Cryptocurrency Wallets


Building reliable and secure crypto wallets for our clients with cold and hot storage features. It provides our clients with the feature of exchanging several digital currencies and assets. Our blockchain developers can help you build robust and feature-rich web and mobile wallet applications. We will add the features of cross-chain token swapping.

Smart Contracts Development


Our smart contract development services include deploying and developing self-executing contracts for private and public blockchain networks. Logistic Infotech has experience building smart contracts for crowdfunding, NFT projects, diverse dApps, and blockchain supply chain solutions.

Industries We Serve In

Health Care

With our expertise in providing blockchain application development services, our healthcare solutions are known for resolving several real-world healthcare issues along with fragments of patient data and the traditional drug design session.


We are a leading blockchain development company in India that can help retailers enhance their data gathering capabilities, ensure product authentication, and execute payments.

Finances And Payments

With the help of our blockchain development services, we use the benefits of decentralization elements on your payment application to maintain an immutable record and completely eradicate the chances of fraud.

Supply Chain

Our blockchain developers are known for creating the best supply chain applications to cover the entire lifecycle of the data block from the production place to the logistic, warehouse, and end customers.

Voting And Government

Our professional team of blockchain app builders architect DLT solutions that offer the government benefits industries such as crypto mining, tokenization of currency, and real-time monitoring of the public bidding.

Education And Learning

Enhancing the recordkeeping facilities to track student credentials, increasing existing processes, and verifying identities can provide educational institutions with the most disruptive services.

Travel And Tours

From identity verification to making payments, tracking luggage, and introducing customer loyalty schemes, our services can significantly help the travel and tourism sector.

Music And Entertainment

As the best blockchain app development company, we are known for providing the best solutions that will enhance the chances of tracking files, fundraising, engaging users, maintaining authenticity, etc.


Our blockchain developers can restore data ownership, decentralize international trade and allow border payments in eCommerce.


There is no doubt that telecom is moving towards revolution, and we can help them streamline customer identity management and build better collaborations through our telecom blockchain solutions.


Industries big guns choose us to optimize energy consumption in public buildings and industrial facilities with the help of our custom blockchain and IoT solutions for energy distribution.

Why Prefer Logistic Infotech For Blockchain Development Solutions?

Throughout the journey, we have evolved and updated ourselves to extend the reach of our services. Logistic Infotech is determined to provide you with the best quality services for your business projects.

Agile Development Process

We have developed a series of processes to reduce any chances of errors during the project development.

High-Quality Coding Standards

Logistic Infotech integrates high standards of coding. We ensure that our project outcome is superior.

Wide Range Of IT Professionals

We are equipped with a team experienced in project analysis and software architects. We also have the best web and graphic designers with efficient testing teams.

Cost-effective Services

We provide our clients with flexible budgeting options to suit their business scale and render efficient services at the most reasonable prices. Our experts ensure efficiency and reliability throughout the process. It helps us to keep your project within the budget and provide the best product that your customers will love.

Agile Development Process

We will keep you updated throughout the whole development cycle due to our sophisticated Agile development process. With each step of the development process, our goal will be to provide the maximum value to the end users.

Our Blockchain Portfolio


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