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Logistic Infotech is a leading NFT token development company offering a wide range of crypto token development. We allow crypto entrepreneurs and businesses to dive into the segment by launching and creating personalized tokens.

We have offered countless solutions in the token listing, creation, and token launching, offering services to clients across the globe and token development around the leading crypto assets and platforms. We do everything from website development to maintenance, marketing to the conceptual token framework, ICO smart contracts, token transactions, Defi, NFT tokens, and smart chains.

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advantage with NFT Token Development

NFT Token Development

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Get Business
advantage with NFT Token Development

NFT Token Development

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The Best NFT development company India

With the significant flux of growth in coin development, cryptos have been introducing cutting-edge trends in the trading world. We will reduce the security risks by getting rid of the third parties for the transaction. Your start-ups will benefit from the crypto development by integrating secure and organized digital transactions.

Tokens and cryptos are cryptographically secured, and the transactions will be done via the distributed and decentralized peer-to-peer network. It allows us to make sure of greater security, speed, transactional freedom, and transparency. As a leading NFT token development company, we can develop a wide range of NFTs and crypto tokens.

NFT Token Use Cases

Benefit and grow by hiring the best NFT token development company and integrating them with your niche in the marketplace platform.

NFT For Antique

NFTs make up a significant proportion of the sales on the NFT marketplaces, such as the bake swap, Opensea, and Treasureland.

NFT For Art

Digital art is the most common NFT use case, which will bring in a hint of creativity, flexibility, and technology.

NFT For Licenses

Our NFT marketplace development will help convert the software licenses into the NFT for verification.

NFT For Music

Musicians can earmark the rights of their NFT work and get royalties when people play their music to earn their fair share of the work they have done.

NFT For Real Estate

As the best NFT Token development company, we will provide the ease of utilization and power to show ownership and big profits via NFTs.

NFT For Photography

NFT is the best where you can represent your photos and make them look more authentic than ever. With blockchain technology, you can opt for the owner with proof of ownership of the photos.

NFT For Infrastructure

With our top NFT token development, we can help you launch the platform where users can tokenize the infrastructure.

NFT for Identity

NFT solutions will allow digital asset owners to create a unique permanent identity and track the identity when it is shared or distributed to others.

NFT for Licenses

This type of license is secured. They are kept in the blockchain-enabled smart contracts, which will help users with the management and execution of the money transfers.

Services We Offer

We offer premium services to develop scalable tokens with the best security implementation for tracking, controlling, and tracing the token transaction, which is available for businesses and start-ups. Our global working professionals will work hand in hand with our clients to help them with smart solutions around efficient use cases and implementation. We are equipped with real-world experience and can deliver comprehensive offerings such as coin development and creativity to marketing and launch for our clients across the industry and the globe. Our deep knowledge, backed by our technical expertise, will simplify and accelerate coin development. Following are the primary NFT token development services we offer:

NFT Token Development

Our NFT tokens are made to go mainstream. Tap into the burgeoning NFT market with our top NFT development services. We can help you create the NFT on the ERC721 standard, whether you want to tokenize the game assets or any other.

Utility Token Development

With Logistic Infotech, we can help you develop your own utility token, which will give the user access to the product or services on the blockchain network. We will offer wholesome customizable utility token development services, which will be updated as the need arises.

Security Token Offering

With top and high liquidity, our STO development will help increase the capital investment between the owners and investors. With the launch of the STO platform, you can get several benefits, such as equity and utility.

Stable Coin Development

We will help you create crypto-backed, fiat-backed, commodity-backed, and gold-backed stablecoins. Additionally, our working professionals will develop multi-collateral stablecoins with the help of decentralized governance.

ICO/IDO Development

Our crypto developers will provide the following:

  • The initial coin offering and initial dex offering development services if you want a platform to fundraise.
  • The new coin creation.
  • New service provisions.
  • Smart Contract Development

We will create the most sophisticated smart contract, customize it according to our client's business needs, and ensure that it completes the intended purpose.

White Paper Drafting

White paper usually enhances the credibility of the brand and shows deep leadership. Our white paper creation services will span from planning to publication, layout focus, competent graphics, and on-brand content for efficient communication with potential investors.

Token Marketing and Design

Logistic Infotech's multichannel marketing will put you ahead of the masses. Our fact-based recommendations, a comprehensive understanding of the IDO, ICO, and STO industries, as well as efficient marketing platforms, will affect investors' perceptions and behaviors.

Wallet Development

Logistic Infotech brings in the strength in the blockchain technology for building the multi-currency crypto wallets that will allow for the secure storage and smooth transactions of the cryptocurrencies. Industry-approved security can easily be achieved by using the multi-signature.

Defi Token Development

Our working professionals are available to offer a wide range of valuable token development services across the domains. You can opt for our NFT token development services for the day-to-day decentralized financial activities such as leading, investments, and borrowing. Our flagship token development solutions will span the Defi smart contracts for the automated tokens, tokens, and Defi Wallet development for the tokens.

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading NFT token development company. We follow the current trends in the blockchain. Our primary focus is to maintain an understanding of the business needs, prepare strategic plans to meet the requirements of our clients, and deliver the project within the given timeframe

  • Secure and reliable.
  • Experienced team.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Respond promptly.

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