Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Clients of Logistic Infotech PVT LTD


Clarity and transparency in the technical development scope is what we always request and work hard to achieve. For promising projects we do not mind having multiple sessions through Skype, video or email to get a complete picture of the work we are suppose to do. The more information we have from you it’s better to get projects executed successfully. Ideally we need designs for all pages and technical specifications of functionality customization. We will present our understanding to you once we have sufficient understanding of the project. Please note that anything outside the presented statement of work will be considered as Change Request as per our terms and conditions. We will strictly follow the list of tasks as agreed. We are purely focussed on technical website development. We do not consider front end concept design in our scope of work. We can convert PSD design file to HTML or e-commerce or CMS website theme but would need completely well described PSD files.


All the development will take place on staging server set up by Logistic Infotech. We will update client based on the milestones set up. This will be done by sharing link to our dev server. Please provide feedback only when requested by our team. If client points or lists out issues during development even though our team is still working, those points are likely to be not addressed or if we are pressurized to work on them it will be considered as Change Request and charged extra. We request clients to co-operate and do review once we finish all the work including testing.


Our team will strictly follow the scope of work mutually agreed between us and client. Please note that any changes in designs or functionality would need to be clarified upfront. We will not be in position to work on any small or big issues with assumptions. Clients are requested to not to pressurize team to get task or work done on the basis that particular functionality or change needs to be understood. We request clients to clarify complete scope of work with 100% clarity in designs and functional specification.


Logistic Infotech takes full responsibility of keeping all client information including contact details and project information very much confidential. Our client keeps complete ownership of the project we work for them. We will not be contacting any of the end customers without permission from our client.


Our team has a dedicated QA for functionality testing and design matching. This will depend on the scope of work. We generally check in IE7+, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you need testing to be done in specific devise or version, it needs to be discussed upfront. Otherwise it will be considered as change request and payment will be charged on actual time taken basis as per our hourly rate.

We give 2 months bug fixing guarantee post delivery of work and project sign off. It will be responsibility of Logistic Infotech’s team to fix any issues or bugs within the scope of work and we will try to address this at earliest.


Our team normally prefers to communicate any project related discussion through email or Skype. Generally there will be a dedicated project manager looking after the production of project and doing all communication. We request clients to let us know in advance if you want to set up project discussion meeting rather than chatting on Skype at any point of time. This ensures that we are fully prepared to discuss with you dedicatedly as there are lots of other project we have in production. We would respond to any emails or Skype request at earliest possible normally within 1 day. Delivery of the task will depend on team availability. We will let you know when you can expect project or task delivery. If our team has any queries related to project, we request clients to reply to us at earliest. If there are delays in this, it will affect delivery timeline.


We would let our clients know in advance realistic timeline for development. We would avoid falling into conflict of agreeing on quicker unrealistic timeline if our team is not confident within the time frame you anticipate tasks or projects to be completed. Our commitment to deliver on agreed timeline will only be valid if we get all requested information, payments and feedback on time. Delay in any project related information or payments will cause delay in project execution. We may also transfer our resources on other project which may affect attending your project requests on urgent basis.


All our projects require advance payment before we start development. The amount of advance payment is informed to client and is based on the size of project. For those projects where payments are split into more that 2 halves, we would need payments to be cleared at each milestone as agreed. Violation of this by client will lead to ceasing of further project progress by our team and cause unnecessary delay until we have payments cleared on time as agreed.

We accept Payments through PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer to our bank account in India. All account details are clearly mentioned in the invoice copy we send to our client.

Purchase order to be prepared in the name of:

Logistic Infotech Pvt Ltd.

401, Jaynath Complex, Makkam Chowk,
Gondal Road, Rajkot – 360002, Gujarat, India


As per agreed payment terms, our clients will be required to make payments on time in order to start, continue or complete development. Clients are requested to ensure that we receive funds in our accounts on time as per the agreement. Delay in making payments may result in delay in project delivery, project getting put on hold or complete stop of work until funds are cleared. Our team will not transfer any code without mutual agreement and receipt of payments. If development is requested on client server, we would need 100% upfront payments. We will not tolerate urgency to transfer the code without us receiving payments.