Hire Dedicated Resources

Hire dedicated resources from Logistic Infotech which helps you to accomplish your dream project by giving excellent web development and mobile app development services at very affordable budget with top quality standard and ofcourse within the timeframe.

Our Services

Hire iOS Dedicated Resources

Hire iOS dedicated resources from Logistic Infotech to offshore iOS app developers from India at lesser costs. You can also get custom iOS app development services which work best for your business project by getting our service like hire dedicated resources.

Hire React JS Developer

Hire ReactJS dedicated resource from Logistic Infotech is like a rising star technology in IT, considerably. We have prepared a great team of senior ReactJS Developers who have seen the evolution from the oldest tech to the newest. We provide dedicated ReactJS developers who are the experts of native development genre at the best price.

Hire Web Dedicated Resources

Hire web dedicated resources from Logistic Infotech who have expert web developers for delivering successful projects on
time. You can hire web dedicated resources on the hourly, weekly, or monthly basis as per your project requirements, size, and budget.

Hire Node JS Developer

Hire Node Js dedicated resource from Logistic Infotech is like The combination of great tech stack and an amazing idea can change the whole project and its reach and if one can get it done at a reasonable cost then it is surely worth to opt. We are equipped with a team of well versed Node.JS Developers so hiring a dedicated one for a project would surely be a great solution.

Hire Angular Developer

Hire Angular Developer from Logistic Infotech to fulfil all your frontend development needs. We provide highly experienced AngularJS developer as well as AngularJS development team for big projects.

Hire Php Developer

Hire PHP Developer with experience over 8 years and worked on large number of projects. If you are looking for successful project with all your requirements then Hire PHP Developer from our team to get perfect quality work and outstanding quality. Our PHP Developers are well trained and can work in PHP frameworks like Laravel, Code Igniter, WordPress etc. You can hire PHP developers or PHP Development Team at affordable cost.

Hire Dedicated Designers

Hire design dedicated resources from Logistic Infotech who have the excellent creativity to design your website or mobile application. Hire design dedicated resources from us like website designers, mobile UI/UX designers, graphics designers to get more return on investment for your dream project.

Hire Android Dedicated Resources

Hire Android dedicated resources from logistic Infotech which is well known for the offshore service like Hire dedicated resources. You can hire dedicated resources as junior or senior developers depending on your project size and requirements.


Hire Dedicated Team

You can hire dedicated team which has all in one expert in one group having a web designer, web developer for web development while for mobile app development you can hire Mobile UI/UX designer, and ios app developer or Android app developer in one team. You can hire numbers of designers, developers, and QA to hire dedicated team as per your project requirements, timeline, size, and budget as well.

Why Hire Dedicated Resources From Logistic Infotech

  • Excellent Knowledge and Experience
  • Fast Execution Process
  • Full Control over Project Flow
  • Pocket-Friendly Budget
  • On-Time Delivery of Project
  • Error Free Project Development
  • Communication via Emails, Phone & Skype
  • Reports on Regular Basis

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