WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is one of the most favorite ecommerce plugin. WooCommerce works with wordpress and providing great features of ecommerce. Today, there are lots of ecommerce sites are using WooCommerce. It is easy to use and quick to start ecommerce store.

There are around 40% stores are using WooCommerce, so this is extremely popular plugin. We can include Blogs, Offers and other content management features with WooCommerce as its based on wordpress so we can use other features of it easily.

Are you startup and small
ecommerce company?

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Are you startup and small
ecommerce company?

Request For Hire

Logistic Infotech, a top ecommerce development company having great team of web developers and designers. We can provide you best Ecommerce solution at affordable cost.

Why WooCommerce for Small Startups?

Ecommerce contains lots of things. If you are planning to start ecommerce as a startup then there are many choices like Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Drupal and many more. But then also WooCommerce is a leading platform at this moment. Which is a powerful plugin and there are many benefits explained below.

Logistic Infotech is having great experience in developing ecommerce website and mobile applications . Please contact us to get free quote.


One of the great thing about this plugin is that it can be installed easily like any other plugins. To install, it doesn't require any specific technical skills.


Basic version of WooCommerce is free of cost. For startup, its good to save some cost. At the moment when business grows you can upgrade to paid version with more features easily.

Prebuilt Themes Supported.

There are lots of themes available to get for free. You can chose any of the free or paid theme and use it with WooCommerce store. It save time and cost for designing a website. Give your website a cool look & feel.

Multiple Languages

With WooCommerce we can use multilingual package and with using it we can provide support to multiple languages which is going to used by your target countries or customers.

Store and Inventory Management

WooCommerce provides great feature to manage your inventory similar to other ecommerce platforms. It is also supported some third party inventory management tools.

Easy Customization

To manage products, inventory, orders, payments etc as well as customer management is really easy to use by non-technical member as well.

Payment Gateway

This plugin is providing support for many favorite and great payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, Cash on Delivery etc.


WooCommerce is having great support for few well-known shipping methods like FedEx, Blue Dart.

Our WooCommerce Portfolio


AgVali, the only complete experience for buying agricultural inputs. A complete catalog of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and equipment in the palm of your hand.