Why Node.Js? Top reasons to choose Node.js for web development

Technology around the world is constantly evolving and improving. This is particularly true in the case of the software development industry. Most agencies that provide software development solutions are constantly looking to work on newer and better technologies to improve the quality of the service they provide. One such technology that has emerged recently is Node.Js. It is used in a runtime environment to execute JavaScript code, that’s too outside a browser. Recently, node has gained immense popularity and most software development agencies are actively looking to hire node js developers. JavaScript has been running the show in software development lately and due to the features that node offers, JavaScript on Node is quickly becoming the way to go for large-scale apps.

Let’s take a deeper look into this and understand why everyone is all about Node.Js nowadays.


Node uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine to interpret Java code. This engine converts code written in JavaScript directly into machine code. Thus, enabling effective implementation of the code. Along with an enhanced runtime environment, developers can enjoy a much faster code execution. This improved speed greatly helps developers in executing their tasks and results in better performance of the software any node.js development company is creating.


These days, most people use their phones quite frequently. As a result, developers also need to make their software mobile friendly to match the needs of their customers. Node.js significantly improves response time and the time required to develop the application. This helps business organizations to gain an edge over others. Node also has a very valuable feature; it manages the increasing volume of mobile traffic with surprising efficiency. This protects the server from crashing and distributing the load.

Easy to learn:

JavaScript has been used since a fairly long time and there are many developers out there who are familiar with the language. So, learning and adapting to Node.Js is easy for developers who are comfortable using JavaScript. Node is mainly used for back-end development and JavaScript is used for front-end, so anyone who has experience with JavaScript finds it easier to work with Node.

Faster Response Time:

Nobody likes to use applications that take a lot of time to respond to the queries or the input made by users. Node is built in such a way that it is capable of handling multiple requests at the same time. It has a unique non-block I/O system that allows it to respond to several request response times. In fact, it is more efficient when compared to other languages such as Ruby and Python. All the incoming requests get a response in a very organized manner, which makes the entire process more efficient.

Faster App Development Speed:

Another one of the key reasons why any node js development company prefers to work on this technology over other is that it is lightweight and is supported by various tools. Its Node Package Management registry provides several solutions and libraries to build web applications of higher value. These applications also consume much less time to develop when compared to the time required when using other technologies.


With the help of node.js, developers can scale the applications they build vertically or horizontally, seamlessly. To scale the applications horizontally, developers can add nodes to the existing system. For scaling the applications vertically, they can add resources to the existing system and scale the application as per their needs. Any node js web development company, benefits greatly because of the high scalability that this technology offers.


Being an open-source runtime environment, NodeJs comes with a caching module too. Whenever the application gets the requests for the first module, it gets cached in the memory. So, whenever developers revisit this, it helps them by reducing the number of resources invested while re-executing the code. This caching module helps load pages swiftly and responds to the requests made by users fast.

Considering all the benefits listed above, it is easy to say why NodeJs is being preferred by most developers and why many companies are transitioning to this technology. Node.Js is quickly becoming a prime choice for software development. Node.Js is perfect for building enterprise applications, so many agencies that need to develop new applications often lookout for a node js development company USA. 

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