Why Developers Strongly Prefer React JS and Node JS for Development!

Unlike the early days when there was a technological barrier which refrained businesses to reach their customers, the present scenario brings ample of opportunity. Today Javascript frameworks like React JS (React.js) and Node JS (Node.js) are providing high quality web development environment.

The highly competitive technological era goes above and beyond our imagination to give the best experience to their customers. One of the latest trends is engaging customers on the device they use most frequently. Hence, mobile apps are the most in thing now.

Many of the applications demand development over JavaScript and hence developers always prefer Node.js and React.js to create high-performance applications.

A Node.js Development Company offers convincing features and Node.js is best for developing server-side applications.

JavaScript codes run flawlessly with the Node JS environment on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. On the other hand, React JS offers straightforward interface design and learning API.

How Companies and Developers Benefit from ReactJS

A React.js Development Company needs to offer both highly technical and professional services. React JS offers straightforward interface design and learning API. Its noteworthy performance gains over other JavaScript frameworks. It offers swift updates and creates a new virtual DOM with a patching mechanism.

 It works out on the latest data and proficiently compares it against the preceding versions, letting only a nominal list of update portions to be made to the real DOM.

React JS helps in synchronisation relatively than having to re-render the complete site on every alteration. It is superior in code reuse and best for JavaScript debugging.

Why Node.js is Precise for Data-driven Applications

Apart from that JavaScript is filled with exciting features such as an all-inclusive library which is rich in JavaScript modules. Additionally, an asynchronous model makes Node.js a very light programming language which is ideal for data-driven applications which need flawless functioning in all the devices.

Since Google Chrome backs node JS and builds over its V8 JavaScript, the library ensures faster code execution.

Why Combination of React.js and Node.js is always ideal

Often these developers prefer the combination of React JS and Node JSto develop reusable user interface modules.

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library and it is commonly used as the V in MVC as JavaScript virtual DOM as it is faster than other DOM. Though React.js is designed to be used in a browser much, React.js development companies use it to render in a server using the combination of Node.js. The data and modules are ideal for maintaining large applications as well as improve readability across various devices.

JavaScript Still Remains the Go-To Programming Language

Usually, developers are familiar with the alternatives of JavaScript though they do not use them actively. Other programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and Pearl are there in the markets which have equal potential. However, the JavaScript remains the go-to programming language for the majority of the developer’s clan.

If one uses Node.js as a backend web application, then JavaScript becomes the primary programming language for the development of the entire project. The use of a single programming language eliminates the time-consuming task of duplicating the code between the browser and server. Hence, making the development process simple.

Key Takeaways

Those businesses that are keen on developing their own smooth and fast running applications. They should go for the combination of Node JS and React JS.

This blend not only gives them the opportunity to use pre-loaded open source libraries, but they will also be delighted with the efficiency, simplicity and the perfect support from the respective community.

Logistic Infotech offers both technology services being a leading React.js development company and a top Node.js development company to work on project basis or hire dedicated development resources.


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