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Validi System

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Validi is a complete administration system developed with practitioners who work in the area for daily and know what is needed in a complete journal system. The system is built as a fast web and app based system that minimizes clicks and troublesome workflows. During the development, the focus has been on security, independence, simple use and more time for the citizens.

Many journal systems often have many fields and many clicks in their workflows when used. Validi's unique "OneClick" principle ensures as few clicks as possible. The system also stands out to be intuitive and suitable for mobile workplaces, as most data can also be entered through a mobile app or on a tablet.

Validi is platform-independent, ie. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Iphone, Ipad and Android. At the same time, integration capabilities are infinite through the unique API that enables collaboration with other systems.

What is Validi so unique?
Of course, Validi has records, development plans and document management, like the other systems.
But not many have:

- Clear follow-up on all citizens' participation in treatment activities
- Automated drug handling
- Hoover features provide full overview of the "One Click" principle and easy access to daily data
- Visual graphs for medical history, development plans, participation rate
- Internal mail system
- Creating departments allows you to move all information to the next department within the Group
- Access via app, tablet and browser.
- Many other features all provide easy access and overview for all employees


  • The submission of records, documentation of drug delivery through our Iphone App
  • SMS reminders to the citizens
  • Client feedback between sessions on the citizen's own app (under development)
  • Easy creation of individual participation for the citizen


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