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Taichi Temple


A step-by-step approach to learning tai chi with authentic roots in traditional Chinese martial arts. In under two hours, you can have a solid overview of tai chi fundamentals, including correct breathing, postures and movement terminology. Have an authentic master of tai chi as your own personal training partner any time, anywhere. Find your flow with moving mediation.

This app uses a technique for teaching tai chi that has been used by Master Li now for over 30 years. He has found that students who learn the 18 qi gong (or breathing meditation) set before tai chi actually learn the tai chi much better and have a stronger understanding of body mechanics and flow in the movement.

The app follows a scientific progression of
1) short warm up
2) breathing qi gong exercises
3) tai chi basics
4) short tai chi practice forms
5) and finally the 24 step Yang style form

Eight levels give a seamless progression to learning the 24 step tai chi form. After going through all 8 levels, you can choose your own training regimen to suit your schedule. Practice and learn at your own pace any time, anywhere.

There is an 8 level progression that teaches basic postures, breathing and fundamentals of tai chi. After unlocking the 8 levels, you can tailor the training to your own needs and skill level. The more you use the app, the more refined your technique becomes. The eight levels give a seamless progression to learning the 24 step tai chi form.

Originally from Fujian, China, Master Li is head instructor of Zhen Wu Martial Arts in Holland and Belgium and has led seminars throughout Europe, China and the US. He is senior disciple of legendary Six Harmony Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng, former member & coach of the Fujian Wushu Team and Chinese national champion in spear. Master Li co-authored a seminal book on the use of Chinese martial arts in basic self-defense entitled Fang Shen Shu.

Tai chi has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and focus by integrating mind, body and spirit.


  • No log-ins to use the app
  • No collection of any personal information through social media links
  • No in-app purchases, NO subscriptions


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