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Ovation Tube

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If you going to celebrate a huge day or any type of achievement like an Anniversary, graduation, birthday, a wedding, a huge Holiday, a new baby, or any other type of victory any time soon? If your answer is yes, then this is perfect app for you where your loved ones and friends will surprise you with outstanding, and priceless congratulatory video messages.

Key Features

  • Friendly User-Interface and easy navigation
  • Add your friend through Contacts, Facebook
  • Record and Send Video message for different events
  • Schedule invitation for specific date


  • Play all incoming video messages like movie
  • Edit video with different audio
  • Get reminder for all your upcoming events


Anonymously send pictures of your Niddah questions to a Rav! Simply take a picture of your cloth with Tahor App’s Rabbinically-Approved technology, send the picture to a Rabbi of your choice, and receive a quick response from a family purity expert!