Customizations Accessible When Laravel Nova Resources are Configured

Laravel Nova was recently introduced and is a well-designed administration panel for Laravel. Furthermore the intensity of customization accessible in Nova is incredible, and it’s fairly sharp once you configure Laravel Nova resources for your project application.

The Nova is a composer package and you can install it in a presently build Laravel 5.6 application project.

As a matter of fact you don’t require commencing over, again and again, to integrate resource management into your application.

The Frontend of Laravel Nova

Nova is a fine-looking single page application power-driven by Vue.js, Vue Router, and Tailwind. Consequently not only does Nova look immense, but it’s also exceedingly customizable.

Being a leading laravel development company, we would like to briefly showcase what high-level Nova provides in the form of Resource Management, Search, Filters, Lenses, Actions, Metrics, Custom tools, Custom fields and Authorization.

Resource Management

Basically, Nova is resource management: the capability to build, read, delete and update the engaged resources.

With fundamental resource management, Nova even includes things such as updating data on stuff like polymorphic relationships.

Every eloquent model in the required project will have a consequent Nova resource which classifies fields, filters, actions, cards and the needed lenses.

The unique thing is that Nova does not capture or store any of its configurations in the database; it is configured using straightforward PHP classes. Nova has both and custom field types such as Markdown, Place, Trix as well as Code.


Nova comprises of search functionalities utilizing SQL queries by default, and also impeccably integrates with Laravel Scout if your app uses a scout.

An additional part where the search is truly beneficial is when you are building or creating a resource that goes to a different model. Nova offers a search input to locate the related model promptly.


Filters enable you to scope resources for index queries using and on stuff such as suspended accounts or active users. There are straightforward PHP classes that facilitate you to scope your queries using the query builder.

The filters are obtainable from the index view of a specified resource and when presented as a relationship.


Lenses consent you to create diverse views for a resource with complete control over the principal query and the given fields being returned. When lenses are specified and attached to a given resource, they can be utilized on a resource’s index page.


Actions are plain PHP classes executing a task on hand over the resources. If provided you want to deactivate a current user, you could specify an action and trigger it from the accessible UI on one or a group of given users.

If an actionable trait strokes a model, Nova offers an audit trail of the actions executed against that model and monitors who triggered the performed action.


Nova ships with three benchmarked metrics. These metrics are value, trend, and partition. The default metric functionality makes it actually effortless to generate metrics.

You are able to monitor and track the new users built in your application for the existing quarter in comparison to the preceding quarter.

Once a resource specifies a metric, so index of the resource view presents it. You can even form trends essentially utilizing the first Nova trends logic, and you can exhibit them in a range as a moment, hour, week and month as well.

Custom Tools

Nova provides CLI generators for scaffolding the custom tools. It gives you a Vue component and infinite potentials.

You can create the required custom tools for your project or business needs. Or you can build the subsequent Nova add-on and share it with the community.

Custom Fields

If you require a field type that is not in support to Nova, You can utilize the Nova CLI to build a custom fields. And you can take control over its design and implementation.


Nova consistently integrates with Laravel policies, and you have granular control over how is authorized to handle the on-hand resources.

Once an Eloquent model has a policy, Nova utilizes it to authorize the provided resource actions. Therefore, you even have occupied control over which users can attach resources jointly through relationships.


The useful laravel development services are empowering the development industry. Laravel Nova is a well-intended administration panel for laravel which makers watchfully accomplish to authorize productive developers globally.

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