What Has Years 2019-20 In Store for Web Development Services?

Trends in technology and web development in India are very dynamic topics to be discussed in the present time. Until the year 2018 augmented, chat-bots and cryptocurrency caught all the attention. So it is quite tough to predict what has the years 2019 for web development companies and their services.

Single Page Website will be a Crucial Preference

As per the user behaviours, it was found that people just get turned off when they had to run around the pages. Hence, the most in thing will be the UX and the concept of a single page website where we can straightway jump to the screen or product that we wish to buy.

Compatibility will be Significant

On an average, a smartphone user takes the phone in his hand around 20 – 200 times in a day. Which means for each and everything people are dependent on their phones.

In free time, people only prefer using the mobile phone and hence only web development services are not more focused on web apps development. This calls for a fully comprehensive and compatible web development solution which operates flawlessly on all the devices including iOS and Android.

Maintaining Uniqueness will be Essential for Web Development Companies.

No matter how much we like to create trends, the most important factor is to maintain uniqueness. Nowadays designers and developers no longer follow the trend and focus more on providing a unique and improved software.

What will be the Future of JavaScript and PHP7

Despite the most complex coding language JavaScript remains the most preferred programming language of the programmers. Today over 80% of websites are built over PHP 7 and the new version comprises of some amazing features including engine exceptions, Anonymous classes, grouping import ads and many more.

Progressive Web Apps will Boost Sales and Marketing

The study of tracking user behaviour took on the internet this year and hence Progressive Web Apps came into existence.

Progressive Web Apps simplifies the user interaction with the help of applications built over JS, HTML, and CSS. This elevates the sales and marketing process as well as maintains the customer loyalty.

Data will closely Meet Web Design Solutions

The future is going to be a collaboration of design and data. So what precisely does this means? This says that designing an experience which is helpful to the end-users by leveraging data and analytics to make that contextualized and personalized will be the key. So don’t offer an experience to your user that is generic or intended for someone else.

Trending of Illustrations

Illustrations are trending over text. Minimalistic use of text and focusing more on images, a graphical representation is what users prefer more.

Typography will involve more Creativity

Do not neglect typography; people have been building their career in developing fonts from the days of Steve Jobs. The addition of animation, illustration, and adaptability brought a new era of typography. There will be more priority on using creative fonts.

Key Takeaways

The polished web applications, bright and bold minimalism text, appealing photographic content, interactive web content, engaging video content, fluid shapes and use of gradients will be the other web trends in the years 2019-20 to come.

So, if you go back and look at the web development company, India trends you will realize how quickly design, development, and adaption have changed compared to the trends of the previous year. The same way logo trends, color trends, UX trends, e-commerce trends will keep on changing every year. For any of your web development requirements, it is advisable to consult an experienced web development service provider in India such as Logistic Infotech.

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