Brief Guide on How to Hire a Web Development Company in India

The online world is highly cluttered with plentiful web developers and companies that make us puzzled while hiring one of them. Just open a tab and type – Hire a web development company and you will get “38,20,00,000” search results for different web developers.

So, it is a highly challenging task, as it’s a messed up market and there are ample of options but you need to figure out what’s best for you or your company.

However, there are no common labels to come across a decent web development company from India and framing a fixed strategy for it is almost unfeasible. Nevertheless, with a bit of endeavour and persistence, you can find a trustworthy and skilled team of developers from India, and this will offer you a load of advantages, including the financial part.

Although, to find a steadfast web developer or finding a specific PHP Development Company you must know the places to look for, what to look for and how to make the precise preference.

In this brief guide, I’m going to demonstrate to you how to hire a web development company

The top ways to locate decent web developers from India, who are going to get your projects executed just as well as local developers with saving around 45% to 65% on overall costs. And once you have dealt with how to identify them, I will even share the most excellent practices to follow.

I have divided the guide into below sections: 

> How to identify the right and hire a web development company

> The first level of interaction and screening

> What to take care of during the assessment and testing stage

> Concluding checks former than you make an offer

Let’s initiate the journey of identifying the right web development companies:


Through LinkedIn

Many people network on LinkedIn, share their articles and chat about business. And, it is an ideal place to find quality developers that too from any part of the world. It works great with all of the company information and every detail about a professional you want to hire. You can also search companies on their geographical basis and view profiles of their employees.

You can personally check the details of coders a company has with their education levels, work experience, skill-sets, recommendations and comments from earlier employers. This makes painless to judge a company and their respective staff to determine whether a team is competent at conducting the project you have in hand.


Through Upwork

Upwork is a dominant platform in the world for finding a professional developer. It is a just right place in favour of carrying out your search for freelancers, in particular when you take into account that the prior clients grade them.


Through Combination of Online and Offline Research

You can reach out to many vendor companies in India by researching them online or on platforms like Toptal,, Project4Hire, FlexJobs or Guru. Once you get their details from these platforms you can directly find them online and connect them through their websites by either calling them directly or putting up a web inquiry.

Other identification sources include Outsource, GitHub and Hackathon.

The first level of interaction and screening

Before hiring the team, test their capabilities by a test project in the form of a prototype. You can even try them by having them work as helping hands to do it for you. You should have a reasonable idea about the result of the test project, likely completion timeframes, and precision levels.

What to take care of during the assessment and testing stages

One of the most practical online tools is a Remote Interview platform. Which comes with loads of functionalities to test a coder. This is the best way to see how proficient a coder is. And it is also great for considering how a coder come within reach of issues.

Other tools are the Kolbe test, Codility and even direct communication can be done through Skype. You can screen share with the guy and see features which they have implemented in their previous projects.

Concluding checks former than you make an offer

1.  Do previous customer reference verification which will add to the probability of hiring a precise company or professional

2.  Check their project handling processes and communication to confirm their turnaround time

3.  Background check, getting NDAs signed are other ways to measure a company or team

Key Takeaways

These are some of the most excellent ways in which you can spot the best web development company. It is vital not to rush the entire process. The more detailed is the research. The more you can invest your time in interviewing development teams with an enhanced chance of selecting the best for your needs. Stay committed and purposeful on the essential qualities; it is going to lead you to precisely what you are searching. I hope this will help to hire a web development company easily.

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