Top Ten Broken Link Checker Tools To Check Your Website

Broken links on your website can hurt your reputation and reduce your search engine ranking. Have you ever visited a website with a broken link? Do you know how frustrating it is? A broken link is a link that leads to a page or picture which doesn’t exist on the internet anymore.

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Why Broken Links are Harmful?

A broken link causes a lot of problems. Your website is like a city and someone is driving through. He/she is following the directions you gave them. Do you think there is a need to ask for directions once more? No. A broken link checker allows for all your links to lead to the direction you want them to go. You may find yourself in the affiliate marketing scenario. If you have a broken link, you are losing potential clients and money. Apart from that, Google penalizes website with broken links. Imagine clicking on a link and it shows “Page doesn’t exist”. That link is a broken link. They are hyperlinks on a blog or website that lead to nowhere. They look very embarrassing also. And it looks like the operator of the site isn’t maintaining it properly.

Now you know how unprofessional broken links are that is why we need to stop them from existing. The only way we can do this is by using a broken link checker. We several online broken link checker that you can use. A broken link checker would identify broken and malicious links. Links on a web page can become broken in no time because of some reasons. Maybe we move, delete or change the website address. That is why you need to regularly use a broken link checker.

Website broken link checker can schedule checks and even create comprehensive report analysis for your links. These internal links affect website performance. What’s worse than a broken link is a dead link. A dead link would only deliver the Error 404 message and would leave the user stranded. That is why we have provided a list of the top 10 broken link checker tools available for you.

1. Small SEO Tools

The Backlinks are so important in the SEO world because they help to improve the website ranking. This means that the higher the number of backlinks leading to your website the better it is for ranking. The quality of your backlinks is also very important in ranking on search engines. In, you would enter the domain in the space provided. Then it would reveal other external links pointing to your link. Furthermore, you would get a detailed analysis of your backlinks. This analysis would contain special insights into your links. You would be able to track where those backlinks are coming from. You would also be able to research your best performing content too. With the information provided you would be able to find and take back lost links. The 404 pages that contain inbound links would be identified also.


They are one of the best web tools by This particular online broken link checker shows you the hyperlinks that are dead. And it would show you the exact location in the HTML code. This free validation tool would only tell you if the links are actually broken. Unlike other popular broken link checker tools, this particular one would focus on the links whether good or bad. The would gather all bad links to a separate location. Furthermore, the linking problem finder in this online Broken Link checker would help so much. With time, hyperlinks can become obsolete, stale, odd, dangling and can be dead. This happens because they don’t link to useful resources anymore.

The website broken link checker would check your entire site. It would detect those invalid web page references and tell you exactly where you can fix them. This 100% online tool running on the internet can be used on any computer. is very reliable and flexible. You don’t need to type for the link to search manually, you just need this as a web hosting search. During its searching process, you would see a page that contains the HTML tag. This working page would also contain the non-working links so that you can be able to repair it immediately.

3. Ahref Pte Ltd

This is one of the most powerful backlink checkers in the world. After Google, it has the second most active web crawler. They have the best backlink database you can find online. With this online broken link checker, you can check the domain and page-level metrics for your target. You can also monitor the growth and decline of backlink profiles too. We shouldn’t forget that you can get a complete breakdown of the target backlink profile which is sorted professionally. They are sorted by; language, link type, platform, domain rating, URL rating and referring domains. They also provide reports on the estimated organic traffic on the link provided. No other online broken link checker provides this.

The link reports on this website would also show all outbound links. They include; domain rating, Ahrefs Rank, the total followed referring domains, the total followed link domains and organic traffic. Furthermore, reports on this website broken link checker would show a full breakdown of all outbound links. Finally, they don’t only show you these reports but provides ways to download them in PDF.


This free online dead link checker provides multi check services. This means their search run through several websites all at once. Then they email the report to you automatically. Auto-check is the most popular service here. It runs dead link through your website(s) regularly and sends reports to you. The gives free manual checking for single and multiple sites and highlights the broken link building angles. There is no need to commit a large SEO package because you want to make use of this. Dead links affect your website negatively this is why dead link checker offers a quick service. is very fast and easy to use. The multiple site checker provision offers a broad viewing perspective. You would need this to highlight the huge SEO analysis that you need.


This is a U.K based search marketing agency. Their most efficient provision is the SEO spider tool. They develop huge and efficient search strategies for large brands to small and medium-sized businesses. Screaming frog offers full SEO packages. Items in this package are; broken link search, search engine optimization, pay per click management and social media marketing. They also provide content marketing, conversion rate optimization, analytics consultancy, and link building. They improve link and social signals for your website. You can easily arrive at the competitive search results if you make use of their services. In the process of building links, they provide users compelling reasons to click on your link. The link audit service they provide gives a review of your existing link.


They provide similar services with but in a sophisticated manner. Their bot crawls through the HTML and CSS code of your website and scrutinizes all the links available. Then checks each link found to see if it lands on the page of the correct content. It would also check if the URL is properly formatted and if the server respond on time. Drlinkcheck would see if there is a backlist for hosting. Sometimes the link may be pointed to a site having no valuable content but only ads. would check this and would provide ways to correct them all in one click. Then they would provide a comprehensive report and analysis. This summary would provide exact locations on your code so that you can fix them without leaving that page.


This is very quick and simple. You would enter the address of the document you would like to check and it provides fast suggestions. It has other options like providing summary alone, hiding redirects and in-depth check.


This website broken link checker would help you find broken links and explore redirects. It would review all the external and internal links as well. This search would go beyond your website throughout the internet. You would be able to fix technical errors and review the website structure too. They make your website to be Googlebot ready. Your website content would be understood by Google. This would lead to higher rankings in the search engine.


It is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. They have over 4 million users, 14 billion keywords and over 570 million domains. How would this help? The would provide that all-in-one solution to boost your website. Instead of imputing the link into the search engine like others, you can input the keyword of your website. This would take any of your ad campaigns to the next level by showing you the domain you dominate. The technique they use optimize your CPC and gets you more conversions for a little fee.


This website broken link checker is an app/software. They don’t just offer link checking but provide other offers. Offers like exporting of data, authentication, multiple management of sites, sitemap generator, SEO checks, etc. Links are like chains. When we distort that chain by changing our web page(s), we don’t know maybe others have done the same. The link-chain becomes broken. It can also be broken from the site of others too. Peacockmedia understands this that is why they offer this integrity free link checker. They also schedule scan across several platforms. This means that you would receive notifications of several scan results going on without even opening the app.


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