Beware of Some Poor Tricks For Android App Development in 2017

The lives of humankind have become much simplified because of the advancement in technology. The smartphone is another innovation of technology and is a boon to the lives of humankind. With the emergence of a smartphone, came the mobile applications which have even made life hassle free. When you have an application downloaded on your phone, you can accomplish many tasks. But the Android app developers must not make certain mistakes while doing Android app development. Take a look at the most common mistakes that must be avoided at any cost while developing the applications.

Android App Development 2017
Beaware of Poor Tricks for Android App Development 2017

Don’t Begin Design without A Flow Map

Before you begin Android app development, you must have a flow map ready, to be precise, well thought out flow map. Even if you are developing a simple Android application, you must have a well-considered flow map ready to ensure the logical navigational structure. Another thing that you must pay attention is that the key functional screen for navigation must be on the top and must not bury under multiple navigational elements. You must not skip the flow map and design the screen as it may make the users confused while using the application.

Avoid Bitmaps and Must Not Neglect the Development Budget

When it comes to Android app development, make sure that you design the application for retina. It is applicable for all application developers. As the resolution of the screen expands, you must always start with the highest resolution and then scale it down. You must design the application using the vector graphics.

When it comes to designing an application, you must not neglect the application development cost. Before you begin the application development, make sure to prepare a budget beforehand and then proceed to develop the application. During the development, many changes take place and you must not take the decision alone if require a consult with an expert.

Don’t Undersize Hit Area and Use Intro Animations

The Android app designers must remember that the index finger of the users is 1.6 to 2cm wide. You must take into account finger’s width it is easy to introduce lots of functionality and buttons on a screen but you must make the buttons big enough so that the users while tapping on the buttons do not face any difficulty. There must be enough space between the buttons.

Little funny animations when the app opens first can be nice but when you overboard with the animations in the applications, it can indeed be a matter of disappointment for the users. The problem with intro animation is that the main application takes a lot of time to load and cause delays to the users.

Never Leave the Users Hanging and Must Not Copy Style From another Operating System

Leaving the users hanging while the application is loading can make the users think that the application is malfunctioning. It is also a poor experience. The Android app designing must be so done using a loading indicator or animation to give the users a hint that the application is working. It is best to use progress indicator.

The Android application development company must not copy the style from another operating system as it may confuse as well as annoy the users.

So, when it comes to android application development, make sure that you must not make the above-mentioned mistakes. If all these can be avoided, you will create an amazing application.

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