Send Push Notification online with P12, PEM or P8 file

Test Apple Push Notification (APNS) Online

Here you can test Push Notifications easily for your iOS application. Push Notification is best way to reach your customer with short message and engage them with your application. To sending Push Notification we have created this simple and very easy utility which will help developers to send as well as test Push Notification Service.

With filling just few simple fields you will be able to verify that your Application is Push enabled or not. You should have P12 file for your application or alternatively you can use PEM file or P8 file. Also you will need Device Token which is generated by your application. So use that device token whom you want to send Notifications online.

If you want to generate PEM file from your P12 Certificate file then here is great online tool to convert your P12 file to PEM in just few seconds.