Node.JS Vs Python – Where to Utilize them?

There are a handful of languages available for the web developers to develop a back-end website.  The most potent languages used by the developers are C++, Python, Java, and PHP. These languages play a very crucial part in the web developing cycle. There are various organizations from small to big sizes that develop a fantastic website. Some web development companies start creating websites without proper planning or use limited resources or enable restricted features lacking in definite technology structures due to lack of knowledge about such development platforms.

In PHP some frameworks are embedded with powerful tools. Various frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Cake, Yii, CodeIgniter, and other frameworks are available in PHP. These frameworks will help the developers in defining a definite structure, do proper planning and hence help the developers to complete the task faster. Let’s talk about Node.JS and Python in this particular blog post.

About Node.JS

Certainly Node.js is one of the fastest growing platforms in today’s time. So many development companies use Node.js in their projects to build faster web applications with scalable and robust functionalities. Node.js is a pure JavaScript programming language which dominates runtime environment.

Currently, many Node.js development companies are doing well in the different technology and business marketplaces by making use of the technology to create web-based solutions. It is swift and easy to learn for a good developer because it is developed on JavaScript runtime.

Node.js is wholly based on the concepts of JavaScript so developer’s from any background finds it straightforward to grasp and to utilize them quickly in real time. Even more most of the software developers use JavaScript in their day to day life of website and web development.

About Python

Python is a server-side scripting language; an object-oriented programming language. Many developers are addicted to this language. As a result Java background developers find it more comfortable to shift to python.

Developers from another background may find it difficult to change to python. Expert developers make use of both the languages while developing web solutions. If developers think of using both the languages in his project he should have a clear idea about where they should use it? And it should be avoided? The developers should know all the drawbacks, advantages, functions and other factors related to the language.

Why Choose Node.JS?

Node.js is completely based on JavaScript so it’s uncomplicated to become skilled in different technology domains clubbing diverse tools for developers and also to pertain it. There are various areas where node.js performs better than python mostly because of its backend strength which has been developed using a strong technology base.

Here are some points why Node.js is good:

1. Node.js responds faster than Python.

2. Node.js event-driven architecture is best for developing real-time projects.

3. The event-driven architecture can be used to develop game applications and chat applications.

4. Having node.js in the project will increase the productivity of web applications by saving time.

Why Choose Python?

The code in Python is a very critical feature. It is simple so the developers need not put much effort into programming.

Here are some points why Python is good:

1. Developers should write only a few lines of code using Python.

2. Easy to find errors and debug them due to fewer lines of code.

3. Python can utilize multiple third-party modules.

4. Python has built-in the data structure; this will help to create a swifter runtime data structure.


Many companies are using Python and Node.js to develop websites and web-based solutions. Node.js uses a JavaScript interpreter and Python has its own PyPy interpreter. We need to use these languages depending upon the kind of project we develop. Probably you might have some questions about what to choose then feel free to contact us.

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