Misconceptions of Node.js

Node.js is an open source , cross platform build on JavaScript for creating real time and scalable network applications. It was introduced in 2009. And from 2012 it was used to develop many useful applications. Node.js uses a single threaded model with event looping mechanism. It has the server-side programming capability as required in the current scenario. That is why programmers and developers prefer to use Node.js because of its event-driven feature and open source functionality.

That is why many popular companies are using Node.js including Netflix, PayPal, eBay, NASA etc. Node.js is used along with several frameworks of JavaScript for creating a smooth and creative experience in any Operating system.

Nowadays several misconceptions are heard about Node.js.Some of them are mentioned and explained here.

The Event loop runs in a different thread

The Node.js work on an event driven mechanism that means the flow control is defined by a set of phases for a particular event.

There is a misconception that the main thread will hand over the work to the event loop thread and when the work is over the event thread will execute a call back. But the Event Loop itself is a separate thread as Node.js provides a Single threaded environment.And then the event loop calls for different tasks as per the requirement of the part of the network application.

The event loop is just like a Stack or Queue

It is said that the event thread works on the concept of Stack or Queue but the reality is there are some structures involved in the JS and the event loop goes through some phases and the event tasks are performed in a continuous manner. The Event loop works on the concept of phases and in every phase there are a handful of tasks and callbacks which are executed in a first in first out concept i.e FIFO concept.

One can not use a type-safe way for Node.js apps

JavaScript is not that type-safe language but this issue can be preferably resolved by using other programming languages than JavaScript.Then the code can be written in a selected type safe language and then it can be trasplied into pure JavaScript as an executable code.

The event looping is blocked by all the CPU intensive functions.

The CPU-intensive functions blocking all the Node.js event loop but this is a myth i.e. it is not 100% true.Node.js world on the concept of single threaded environment therefore it can not run more than one part of the application in a parallel manner but this can be achieved by using IO process management operations asynchronously. The synchronous part of the application i.e. hundreds of the clients connected at the same time may take a longer waiting time for all of them because of the extremely large Array. However CPU operations do not block all the event loops by Node.js, for example crypto.randomFill() , crypto.randomBytes().

Compatible with Chrome V8 only

It is said that node.js can only rely on Chrome V8 whereas the truth is Node.js is an open source and cross-platform system which is used for building network applications. Therefore it is true with the compatibility part of Node.js It is flexible and smooth working with many Operating Systems.

Node.js works slow

Node.js uses JavaScript and it is operated in the backend by google engine. It has the same run time as it takes for the front end, which makes Node.js one of the fastest and most dynamic runtimes.It is one of the most important reason that the various popular runtime web applications such as Uver, Netflix etc are relying upon Node.js.

Difficult to program any network application using Node.js

Since any user who knows the concept of JavaScript, can also easily learn and work with Node.js  as the Node.js itself is based on JavaScript Language. So it will be easier and faster for a programmer to create web applications which are runtime just like Uber, PayPal etc are also using Node.js.

The JavaScript engine contains the event loop of Node.js

This is the most common misconception that the event loop of Node.js is the part of JavaScript engine itself but having a single threaded environment is one of the key function of Node.js therefore on contrast the reality is, the event loop is a different thread which calls the java script engine to execute the source code which is written using Javascript programming.

Wrapping up: There are many misconceptions about Node.js that you must clear so that you can implement its strategy in your business. Logistic infotech has a team of experts to implement node.js in your business websites for your growth.

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