Strong Reasons Why Laravel is Top PHP Development Framework.

The technology-centric era has given us a wide choice of development platforms to pick from for building our business solutions. As there are lots of options accessible, it’s making hard to select a PHP development company and best Laravel development services to develop a precise business solution. 

While discussing the most popular PHP frameworks, the ones that are commonly preferred are CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Zend, Codeigniter and the one that tops the chart is Laravel. 

Most importantly there are many advantages of Laravel development services, the reason why businesses choose this framework is the scalability, ease of use, command-line interface and the ample of plugins that are designed for specific functions.

The selection of the right platform will prove to be an asset to your brand in the long run. Therefore, you should know which technology and framework is the accurate one. 

Here are  few more reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced resource from Laravel Development Company to fulfil your development requirements.

Comes with a Purpose-driven Library

Laravel framework offers a substantial pre-installed library, hence making it an ideal development framework. 

Not only this, the authentication library is easy to install and comes with features like verifying active users, encryption, Bcrypt hashing, password reset and more.

Enables Easy Configuration of Authorisation Processes

Implementation of an authentication technique is the most natural process as everything is systematically configured. This process makes the task of authorization logic and controlling resources easy for the developers.

Offers Simpler Migration of Databases

Laravel database makes the database migration process flawless which is a tough task for the developers. Laravel allows keeping the entire database work in seeds; hence the migration to any other development platform becomes easy.

Is a Secure and Safe Framework

Laravel is a secure and safe framework as it takes security as a severe aspect of the overall development process. The salted and hashed password ensures that the password is not saved in plain text format in the database.

The tools and features which makes Laravel a stronger framework

Artisan – Command Line Interface

Artisan tool is a pre-installed feature which is used for command-line. Hence, Laravel framework flawlessly interacts through the command-line which can be handled easily. This tool eliminates the tedious process of repetitive and tedious programming tasks which are a time-consuming and sturdy task for the developers to perform it manually.

Envoyer – Zero Downtime PHP Deployment

The Envoyer tool helps the smooth functioning of the Laravel application. This tool makes it easy to deploy updated code and manages the installation of Laravel code repositories and creating appropriate duplicate folders. 

Blade Template Engine – Instinctive Feature

The blade templating engine is an intuitive feature that assists to work with the usual PHP/HTML spaghetti with so many improvements that it is counted as one of the most excellent features of the Laravel development framework.

Responsable Interface – Newly Included Feature

Responsable Interface is one of the new Laravel features added while the release of Laravel 5.5. It is a class which is utilised to implement the interface which can be returned through the controller method.

Automatic Package Discovery

It identifies the packages automatically which users need to install. Now the users don’t have to do any hard work to install new packages in Laravel.

Key Takeaways

Laravel gives enormous benefits to businesses in a more extended run. Each new release of Laravel brings forth a fresh and innovative feature which is helpful in developing essential applications. 

Hence, considering Laravel out of the entire PHP framework is an ideal choice. No wonder PHP development companies offering Laravel development services are ruling the web development industry.

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