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Zimdle help businesses succeed by collecting structured feedback which can be used to identify problems and areas for improvement.

They want to give business owners more opportunity to understand your business from your perspective without fearing a public execution via social media.

Feedback provided via Zimdle goes directly to the business owner.

Zimdle has Features like

  • Receive instant customer feedback
  • View feedback history stats and charts Identify trends in customer satisfaction
  • Receive reports and alerts
  • Improve Your Business
  • Understand your customer experience
  • Compare your business performance with similar businesses



  • Manage Your Business Profile
  • Claim your feedback
  • Confirm your business' details
  • Customise feedback templates
  • Monitor Your Business
  • Receive instant customer feedback


Businesses everywhere are desperate for vital consumer feedback – and they pay for it. Now, with iSecretShop on your phone, they pay YOU.