Whether to hire freelancer or professional agency?

It’s a big question when you want to create any web or mobile application. It’s confusing for almost all the clients. Here you can compare both of them and chose wisely.

What’s the difference between individual freelancer and agency?


A Freelancer:

Who is an individual developer or designer and self-employed. Who is able to provide his/her service to their clients.


An Agency:

An agency made with many developers/designers. Or you can say bunch of talent at one place who are working together.

Whom to choose?

First prepare yourself for answering following questions:-

1) Is this project small or large?

2) Is it complex or easy ?

3) Do you think single resource who is talented enough is able to do this project?

4) Do you have specific budget in mind?

5) Is this project time sensitive?

Working with freelancers and agencies both are having their own pros and cons. First question client gets in mind that agencies are costlier than freelancer but I think its wrong perception. If individual freelancer will take more time to develop the same thing than agency then I think it may be more costly. Right?.

— Alvin Richards, technical director of performance and quality, MongoDB says:- 

“You can’t be dependent on just one or two people, because if they are run over by a bus then you will be in a world of pain. You need redundancy and flexibility, and to have as many eyes as you can focusing on a problem at any one time.”

If your project is simple and small then I think you can achieve your goal with freelancer but if you need to hire multiple freelancers to achieve your goal then it may be more costly than you think. Also if a freelancer stuck at some place and taking more time for finding solutions it may cost more. If you chose agency then you can overcome such issues as they will have team of professional and skilled resources who can help each other to achieve goal in preferred timeline.

Another benefit of choosing an agency is, they may have developed multiple projects in lots of sectors. If they have already worked on project which you are looking for then it will be easier for both. You will get confident about project success and agency will be able to complete it in less time. So expertise is important thing.

Agencies will look forward to have better and long term relations with client so they will try to provide you best service as they need more work from you.

If you are looking to develop multiple projects or in multiple technologies like Mobile App Development as well as Web Development then its better to select agency as you will have one

point communication for all your ongoing work. Which will save your communication time. You will be assigned one project manager who will take care of all your project needs to finish it with best quality.

There is one surprise for you. What if you get an agency at the cost of freelancer?  That’s great right?

We at Logistic Infotech provide you very affordable services with 100% responsibility.

Why choose Logistic infotech for your software development needs?

1) Affordable Cost

2) Perfect quality

3) One point communication

4) Regular Updates

5) Highly professional and skilled staff

6) Project management tools to keep you updated on every move.

7) High Project Success Ratio

8) On time completion

9) Free bug solving support.

10) High availability

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