Things to Know Before Hiring a PHP Web Development Company in India

As a business owner, it becomes a necessity for you to know about the latest trend in the market for PHP Development. In this advanced world technology has taken over almost everything and most businesses are operated online. It becomes a requirement for entrepreneurs to have a working knowledge of the technology and its usability. Having this knowledge helps you build your brand, offer the right service to your customer and increase sale over the period. The moment one thinks of creating a website the first that strikes your mind is PHP.

PHP is a scripting language that allows you to build smart solutions for your business. To make your business process easier, all you need is a reliable PHP development company that provides PHP web application services. There are numerous web development companies in India that promise the world and claim to offer the best PHP development services. Don’t get carried away by such false promises that can disappoint you during the project. Hence it is advisable to consider a few factors before freezing on the right PHP development company.

Check the Portfolio of the web development company

Once you have shortlisted the candidate or company, you should check their portfolio. You should check they have catered to which industry, what type of projects they have worked on so far. This will give you a better understanding of their capability and their domain expertise.

Refer their website

Before hiring a PHP development company or a dedicated resource from the company it is advisable to check their website thoroughly. Doing this will give a clear picture of the efficiency of their work on their site. An ideal and trustworthy company will mention each detail about the company. The functionality of their website, the look and feel, visuals, content, UX, UI, and SEO are a living proof to judge a web development company’s profile.

Check Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews are the best way to garner better understanding regarding their reputation in the market and what their clients feel about their work. Testimonials feature genuine feedback of customers and their experience with the company. Positive reviews will help you make the right decision and choose the company.

Relevant Experience

Check if the company has worked in a similar industry or a project similar to yours. Also, ask for the links of their past work. A company who already has identical experience can undoubtedly work on your project effectively.

Which Methodology they follow?

Every company follows a set pattern and methodology during the development process. It is advisable to ask the company which process they follow and ensure they are using the most trending one or the latest Methodology to ensure the smooth execution of your project.

Q & A

A professional web development company does not simply jump on the project without analyzing and understanding the requirement. To determine the scope of work a good company will send a set of questionnaires. Which is also helpful to the customers as they can also get an understanding of what are their expectation from the project. So, don’t get pushed away or annoyed when you are asked questions, or you receive a lengthy questionnaire.

Clarify the Payment aspects

Clarifying the payment aspect is important. Hence make it clear if there are any hidden charges and what will be the extra cost to the project. What are their payment terms and how would they want to receive the payment? It is better to get all things written while determining the scope of work.

Finally the Customer Support

Your ideal PHP development company will provide 24/7 customer support. So, you should ask to what extent they will offer free customer support and which kind of support will be chargeable.

Key Takeaways

PHP has been a mind-blowing invention in the world of technology. A small business idea can be transformed into a brand if the business idea is executed properly and for that, your online presence is a must. You have the choice to outsource your project to a reliable company or hire a dedicated resource who works only on your project. The points mentioned above will help you find the best-suited PHP development company for your project.

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