Ouch!! Be Aware, Google Panda 4.1 Has Been Rolled Out As 27th Panda Update

Recently Google has announced that the Google Panda 4.1 has been rolling out. We can see some changes in the results if you have marked.

Google Panda 4.1 is rolling out as 27th panda update and it is hitting those websites who have low quality content or a copy content. It will be more interesting to see the result how Google will hit. Some of the research has confessed that the result is already changing in the search engines. But the most important is that how long it affects to the websites.

Google Panda 4.1
Google Panda 4.1

As we have seen that Google’s last update was in May 2014 and its results were very disastrous.  As of the last update some of the website was hit, but now many of them recovered as per the last update and got benefited. Now, the 27th panda update makes crazy copy and thinner content holder so this one is going to be even bigger and more interesting. Let’s see what’s happening after some period of time.

27 Google Panda Update
27 Google Panda Update

What About Quality Content:

Most of the expertise person will surely agree that there is the golden chance for the websites which has a unique and quality content. Even you also feel the same that the panda is released to target and hit the worst, poor and copy content. But the Google panda update is clearly concentrated on the insight of the amount of words or length of the content that you are putting in a post.

Who is the target:

The smaller and thinner contents will be the next target and definitely, their ranking will be going down for a while. From this we can say that there is a kingdom of quality content websites and the quality content is the king of that kingdom. If you have the unique and strong content for your website then feel free from the storm of the Google panda 4.1 and this update can not roll you out from the search engine. From the rumors I get to know that Google says “panda 4.1 will show its result and effects on  3-5% of search engine results.” You never know about the effects. Because 0.5% or even 1% will also be more than enough to wash you away from the results of Google.

Earlier Google posted that they are able through the Panda to find the low quality and copy content based on the users or webmaster feedback. This gives the result in a greater categories as high quality small and medium sized websites get the ranks higher which would be great.

Recovery from the Panda Update:

Unfortunately, if you are affected from this Panda update then don’t worry, and it’s better to hire a such a great firm for recovering your website from the penalty recovery services. Logistic Infotech in India and US will surely help you to recover your website and can help you to make your site having unique and high quality content. Logistic Infotech has developed and recovered many websites with the help of website design and development.

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