Best node.js frameworks for web app development

Ever since the introduction of Node.js, it has quickly dominated the existing landscape of programming languages today. Before 2009, developers used to face a major challenge because of the limitation of JavaScript framework that allowed only front-end scripting. However, in 2009, Node.Js was introduced to the world which made it possible for developers to use JavaScript for back-end as well. Since then, there has been an immense rise in the number of people and organizations that utilize Node.js and JavaScript for developing software. The advantages that Node offered were too good to be ignored. As a result, many people these days hire node js developers to fulfil their software development needs.

Node js recently has got a lot of popularity, in fact, statistics show that node js is currently the most commonly used platform for developing both back-end and front-end for web applications.

Understanding Node.js framework better:-

A framework is basically a network of different libraries, and tools that provide software developers with a way to build and operate web applications with ease. A framework is essentially like a base layer of the web application. With the help of nodejs, programmers can write web applications in JavaScript outside of the limited browser environment. This provides many advantages such as smooth data streaming, user friendly and real-time working environment, consistent code pattern throughout development. Some of the best nodejs frameworks are:


This is a great for single-page web apps, websites as it is quite fast and would fall under the category of minimalist Node.js framework. Express.js allows users total freedom when it comes to organizing and controlling their projects as they desire. It is lightweight and acts as a routing framework. This framework offers exceptional features for both mobile application development and web application development. It is easy to understand, is customizable and has a model-view-controller that helps with creating eccentric applications. It has a robust API and fast I/O that makes routing seamless.


Meteor is one of the most basic yet efficient node.js frameworks that is used for mobile as well as web application development. Developers at any node.js development company commonly use it for web iOS, Android, or desktop app development. Moreover, Meteor also makes application development quite rearranged and offers a stage for the total development of the application to be in JavaScript. Meteor is known for its lightweight architecture, easy integration with React and Angular and it also eliminates the need to update mobile applications.


Hapi was developed to overcome the drawbacks of Express.js. Hapi is one of the most stable and reliable node.js frameworks. Hapi is commonly used to develop REST API’s. It offers unusual features and has an ability to create a server with amazing features, therefore, it is widely used by programmers around the world, when working with Node. It has built-in support for I/O validation, caching, authentication, additional third-party plugin support and several other amazing features that make hapi.js one of the top choices of any node js development company.


Nest js is used mainly to develop highly versatile back-end applications. It is composed of TypeScript and utilizes dynamic JavaScript. Nest also makes use of express and offers an out of the box design of applications that are adaptable, testable, and viable. Nest has better reliability in general because it utilizes typescript. It offers a modular structure which is used to arrange codes systematically. Front-end development is really easy with Nest because Angular and Nest both utilize typescript.

Koa JS

Koa was developed by engineers who made express. It is considered as a smaller, progressively expressive and increasingly powerful foundation for developing APIs and web applications. On top of this, Koa doesn’t have any middleware inside the centre. This causes the middleware to be more streamlined and every line of code is very rich.

Socket IO

Many developers also prefer working with Socket IO. It is a web socket structure and can be accessed by different programming languages. Socket IO has many advantages over other NodeJs web application frameworks. It has an ability to customize URL routing for Web Sockets. Socket IO has real-time analysis and binary features as a result, any node js web development company loves to work using it.

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