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Why You Should Choose WordPress?

People often think that wordpress is just platform for blogs. It was the case in past but now wordpress is one of the best Content Management System (CMS). Today you can make fully functional website with wordpress.


The best part of wordpress is that it’s easy to use and little technical knowledge is required to add things to website. Once its setup properly anyone can use it for make changes or adding things up.


Currently wordpress powers approx 27% of all the websites over internet. Currently there are many big brands are using wordpress for their website.


WordPress is free and open source so its free to download, install, use and make changes as per requirements. There are currently thousands of wordpress themes and thousands of plugins available for free. Those are easy to install and manage.


You can install it on your own server we just need hosting and a domain. You own everything and have full access.

While we are talking about CMS, WordPress is the choice for almost 75 to 80% of people.


WordPress is SEO Friendly


WordPress is best suitable for SEO. There are lots of plugins available which helps to make website more searchable and SEO friendly. If you are looking for higher ranks in google then there are plugins like Yoast SEO can help to make your site proper in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. 


It’s easy to make Responsive Website

There are lots of mobile users now a days and many people love to visit websites over their mobile phone instead of desktop. You can chose a theme which is mobile responsive and your website will look cool and perfect on mobile devices as well. If your theme is not mobile friendly then don’t worry we can make it mobile responsive. SEO ranking effects on website which are mobile responsive.


WordPress sites are cost effective.


Because there are lots of things we can use which are already developed so its easy and quick to make website in small time. Also there are lots of useful plugins which are plug and play so it saves development time. So if you are looking for budget website then it might be a right choice to go with WordPress.


WordPress is Secure


When you are making website for your business or blogs then its required to think about security of website. WordPress is designed with security in mind, so it will protect your files and all the information straight out of the box. Also wordpress release security updates most frequently to keep your website secure.


There are also few available plugins to make wordpress more secure. Wordfence Security is one of the popular plugin for security. Also to make sure website is secure there are few precautions to secure your website and chose right development team to secure your website.


If you are looking for website development then get a free quote from us now. We have large team of web development and expert wordpress developers who can suggest you better way and perfect output.